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The Many Uses of Level Switches

How They Benefit Industrial Equipment

Level switches are a type of sensor that is used to detect the level of a liquid or solid in a container. They are often used in industrial applications, where it is important to know when a tank is full or when a machine needs more material. There are many different types of level switches – nivåbryter, each with their own unique benefits. We will discuss the various uses for level switches and how they benefit industrial equipment.

The first thing to consider when selecting a level switch is the type of material that needs to be measured. There are switches designed for both liquids and solids, so it is important to choose the right one for the job. Liquid level switches are typically used in tanks or reservoirs, while solid level switches can be used in hoppers and https://controlconceptsusa.com/how-to-improve-material-flow-in-silos-and-hoppers/silos. Once the proper switch has been selected, it is time to install it.


Most level switches are installed using a threaded fitting, which allows them to be screwed into place. This makes installation quick and easy, and also allows the switch to be removed if necessary. After the switch has been installed, it will need to be wired into the equipment that it will be controlling. The wiring process will vary depending on the type of switch and the equipment, so it is important to consult the documentation for both before starting.

Once the level switch has been installed and wired, it will need to be calibrated. This process involves setting the switch to the correct level and then testing it to make sure that it is working properly. Once the calibration is complete, the level switch will be ready to use.

There are many different uses for level switches in industrial applications. They can be used to control pumps, valves, or other machinery based on the level of a liquid or solid in a container. They can also be used as alarms, to notify operators when a tank is getting full or when material is running low.